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Welcome to Urban Revolution!
Welcome to Urban Revolution!


ROWGA is poised to lead the revolution of how we conceptualise the development of emerging cities in Africa through the integration of Underground Space use.

Thank you for visiting our page, the urban revolution has only just begun. Long before the current global pandemic, humanity has faced challenges both on a global and continental scale stretching every limit of our capacities.

Our Urban Space has been overlooked and should now be classed as endangered. We now need to collaborate in taking critical steps to create the right environment in our urban cities in order for our ever increasing population to thrive.

How we manage this will greatly impact our existence and productivity over the next couple of decades. Statistically, in Africa the numbers are stacking up against us and this is happening with rapid speed. The rate of population rise is projected to double while the rate of urbanisation is projected to rise by 20% by 2050.

Our approach towards our cities now needs to change drastically. In response to this, ROWGA,  seeks to employ 3 strategic pillars to address the ever-increasing challenges our cities now face.



A paradigm shift in the way we conceptualise our Cities, i.e. from 3 Dimensional to 4 Dimensional. Underground Space being the 4th Dimension


The shape of space creation now should in fact not be determined by space available but primarily by its optimised functionality. Optimised space proofing.


Our greatest asset as a city is the seamlessly connection between the multi layers of the urban fabric. We are connecting not just horizontally but now vertically


The  evolution of our African cities over the next 30 years is critical and we are excited to be championing the cause of extensively adopting underground space use as part of the solution that will future proof our cities in Africa. We at ROWGA now look to partner with Government agencies and Institutions, Private Developers, Developmental and Financial Institutions and Academic Institutions.


We look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you Abidemi Agwor


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